When you have an alarm installed, you want the process to run smoothly, with as little disruption as possible.  Why not choose one of our wireless systems?  The lack of cables will make installation quick and simple compared to the time it takes to install a traditional wired system.  There will be no need to lift carpets or floorboards, making the process hassle free.

With the HomeControl 2.0 App linked to the PyronixCloud you can set & unset your system, get system status and receive notification of any event on your smartphone from anywhere.  Apps are available for both IOS and Android devices.  Click for further information on HomeControl 2.0

Battery monitoring/saving.  Each wireless device is monitored so that you are informed to replace a battery a month before it expires.  Furthermore, each device  'sleeps' to conserve battery power when the system is not active resulting in battery life of up to three years.

User friendly operation.  Whether arming/disarming, changing codes, checking the event log or testing your system, each function is easily carried out with the user friendly English text menu system.

Easy to expand/alter.  Perhaps you want to add smoke detectors or a carbon monoxide detector to the system, add perimeter protection to specific windows or doors.  Whatever the scenario, with a capacity of 32 detection devices as standard, alterations and additions are quick and simple, making your system future proof.

Conventional Wired

Perhaps you already have a system installed that you would like upgrading. The existing wiring (subject to survey) may be reusable making a conventional system more cost effective.


Maybe the size or layout of your property would allow cabling to be concealed relatively easily, for instance in the roof space of a bungalow, making a wireless system unnecessary.

You may just prefer a simple system with local audible indication and not require remote control or smartphone notification.

Whatever your preference, we can design a system to suit your property and security requirements.

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