​CCTV systems are becoming an increasingly popular method of providing additional security for your property.  From single standalone cameras to multi camera systems we can custom design a system to meet both your needs and budget.

View Anywhere Using Your Smartphone.   All of our CCTV systems can be connected to the internet, enabling you to view live and recorded images from your system, anywhere in the world using your smartphone, assuring you of complete peace of mind while you're not at home.  Apps are available for both IOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android phones. 

High Resolution Imagery.  Our cameras are available in resolutions from 2 megapixel (full HD) to 8 megapixel (4K/Ultra HD) providing crisp, clear colour video.


Infra Red Illumination.  During darkness cameras switch from colour to monochrome operation and are fitted with infra red LED illumination to ensure that images remain clear.

Unobtrusive.  Technology has moved on somewhat over the last decade. It's no longer necessary to adorn your home with large, ugly, conventional cameras.  Our cameras are available in several variants, that are pleasing to the eye without compromising on performance.

Notifications.  Optionally we can configure your system to send e mail or push notifications to your smartphone in response to particular events.  For instance you could receive a notification if your intruder alarm activates, enabling you to view your cameras and respond accordingly.

Smart Search.  Although the cameras are configured to record 24/7, smart search facilities can enable you to find the incident you are looking for with ease.  By analysing the recordings and only displaying footage where motion has been detected in the area you've selected, there's no need to trawl through hours of recordings.

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